Reusch Keon Deluxe G1

This really is the glove of Champions this new release has been a huge success since it’s launch at great-save in December last year the glove has some great features including:
Flexion Wave this double layer construction located between wrist bandage and backhand latex makes use of very stretchy material specially processed and so maximizes the flexibility while moving. Reduction of materiel and a ideal tight fit intensify the comfortable feeling of flexion wave is providing.
Pro Flex offers excellent flexibility. combining specific materials and applying Reushc’s expertises knowledge of goalkeeping they have invented the best backhand flexibility.
Shockshield advanced with shockshiled advanced Reusch introduced the enhanced version of the successful and established shockshield. A newly developed damping materiel and up emboss-ment on the glove provides the goalkeeper with more safey advanced protection and better control when fisting the ball.
Airvent System is designed to provide maximum ventilation inside the glove.
Expanded Fingertips (EFT) Expanded Finger Tip support the hands natural position and provide the largest possible catching zone..
Ergonomic support system The pre spreading of the fingers makes the ergonomic support system a natural catching position. The latex is slightly pulled up on the little finger that provides are larger catching area and a perfect fit.
Pull Loop: A special feature applied to the cuff ensures simple entry also when having wet hands. Pull the loop, slide in and there you go.
Duraguard: The pad is an extra pad of palm material placed on the most stained part of the palm to protect it from abrasion. The ergonomic formed patch is made of the proven R1 grip, which provide superb abrasive properties due to its structured palm and the synthetic/natural latex mix.
Ergonomic Palm Embossing. Follows the natural lines of the palm and supports the hand’s natural grasping movement. This provides high reflexivity and maximum ball control with unaltered griping qualities.
A special lycra embedded in the zone between thumb and plam ensures best flexibility and prevents cuts on the latex
G1 Ultrasoft catch control this is a premium latex palm and is the first choice in turns of grip, cushioning and ball control. It offers pure grip and maximum ball control. It’s micro porous structure makes the G1 ultrasoft very elastic and soft even in wet conditions