Reebok Casillas Provecta Elite

The Casillas Reebok goalkeeper gloves feature a classic and fairly simple white and blue design – predominantly white body with low-grooved latex foam backhand, blue trim, removable finger protecting spines in the fingers. The fabrics used aim at a generally lightweight and flexible glove, with lightweight mesh fabric visible in the backhand and thumb. The most interesting and innovative feature of the gloves is perhaps the super long ‘wrap around’ wrist strap. In fact, the wrist strap on the official Casillas replica gloves available for sale in the shops and those worn by Casillas himself is different, with the strap on the official replica glove a far more experimental design. It is constructed from a long piece of fabric, stitched to the lower backhand of the glove and cutting diagonally across it, wrapping all the way round the wrist of the palm side of the glove, coming round the backhand again and fastening on the palm side